How it works is manual traffic exchange where members earn credits by viewing others website and in return they can advertise their websites for free. Also they earn upto 10 satoshi for each website surf. Not only that member will also earn upto 50% Referral earning even if their referrals click, upgrade or purchase credits.

Special Features Of Bitssurfer

We work very hard to prepare a system that never fails and stay online for years by providing residual income to its members. We implement a truly revenue based idea at

Special Point system:

Points system is just like a pool system. Where whole revenue of shares with our members according to the points they have. Didn’t understand, we’ll explain it to you by this simple example:

Let’s make it so simple: has 1000 members and each one visit 100 websites every day till 30days. 100 members upgraded to premium membership. 100 members buy 1000 credits for advertising their website. 10 Members buy login ad for 1 day each and 5 members buy startup page for 1 day each

Total points = Members x sites surfed by each x 30 days =   3,000,000 (3Million For example) 

Total Revenue we earned by Members upgrades = 0.4706฿

Total Revenue We earned by Selling Credits = 0.188฿

Total Revenue earned by selling login ad = 0.188฿

Total Revenue earned by selling startup pages = 0.095฿

Total Revenue Earned by =0.95฿

Admin cut 10% = 0.095฿

So remaining revenue after deducting admin cut = 0.85฿

Now what is the price of each point = 0.85฿ / 3Million points = 0.0000003฿

Price of 1000 point is = 0.0003฿


This is just an example point conversion depends on revenue earn by bitssurfer also depend on members activity